Are you using your home address as your business mailing address? If so, we’d like to offer you a secure, professional option that will take the headache, hassle, and safety risks out of your business correspondence. 

Whether you are working from home due to the COVID-19 crisis or you’re a budding entrepreneur operating from your garage, receiving business mail at your home mailbox may seem like the best solution. Not only is it free, but you don’t have to go anywhere to pick up your mail. Seems like a no-brainer, right? 

No matter how convenient it may seem, using your home mailing address can pose significant challenges, including: 

Brand Credibility – Those doing business with you and your company may question your brand’s legitimacy if they receive mail from a residential address. 

Security – Using your home address poses several security concerns for your business, your family, and even your clients. If you send and receive packages regularly, your home could become vulnerable to criminal activity. Your client’s information could also be put at risk if someone decides to steal mail or packages with their home address on them. 

Ensure the safety of yourself, your business, and your clients by investing in professional mailboxes for small businesses from Suite Possibilities. 

6 Reasons You Should Consider a Business Mailbox from Suite Possibilities 

Utilizing commercial mailboxes for your small business can greatly simplify and secure your business communication activities. 

Not quite sold on the idea? 

Here are six ways a Suite Possibilities professional mailbox can improve your life as a business owner:

1. Accessibility

One of the most appealing reasons to choose Suite Possibilities’ professional mailboxes for small businesses is the overall ease of accessibility. 

Our business mailboxes are always accessible, while other commercial mailboxes are limited by specific lobby hours and other limitations. 

2. Prioritize Your Privacy 

Privacy concerns are one of the leading factors when choosing to use a professional mailbox over your home mailbox. When you establish your business, your business address becomes public record. 

While your home address is already public record, it doesn’t draw the type of potential criminal interest that a business address does. Protecting your home address is key to the security of you, your family, and your clients. 

By renting our mailbox for small businesses, you keep your home information private. 

Call us at (808) 326-5600 

3. Clean and Secure Mailboxes 

When you want to avoid crowded lines and packed post offices, having your own professional mailbox can help you protect your health. 

Our mailboxes are in a safe, clean, and secure location, away from the hustle and bustle of other commercial business mailboxes. 

You can rest assured you’re walking into a clean and secure facility that prioritizes your health and safety whenever you come in to check your mail. 

4. Professional Representation with a Hawaii Mailbox

Is your small business located on the mainland? Are you looking to expand your professional presence into Hawaii? Then a professional mailbox from Suite Possibilities is an ideal way to start building your brand’s presence in the Kona area! 

Having a professional mailing address in the Kailua-Kona area can significantly boost your marketing efforts, especially if you’re trying to build your local SEO presence on the islands and expand beyond mainland borders. With a Kona address, voice searches for your business “near me” will start growing, bringing in more potential leads. 

5. Marketing Materials are Available 

With a Suite Possibilities professional mailbox, you have access to other vital business must-haves, such as meeting rooms, virtual receptionists, and various marketing materials, including: 

● Business cards 

● Brochures (for conference room display) 

● Social media services 

● And more! 

6. Personalized Business Mailboxes 

Other commercial mailbox locations have walls of mailboxes that all look the same, which can be confusing and impersonal. 

When you rent with Suite Possibilities, there is no confusion when it comes to identifying your business mailbox. Each mailbox is clearly personalized with your name and your company’s name and logo. 

Our Services: Business Mailboxes in Kona, Hawaii 

Renting a professional mailbox for your small business from Suite Possibilities comes with a few additional perks, including: 

Professional Mailboxes for Island Small Businesses Looking to Expand 

Small businesses on the mainland aren’t the only ones who can benefit from a professional business mailbox in the Kona area. If you have a small business on any of the other islands of Hawaii and want to expand your presence, you can also benefit from renting a mailbox in the Kona area. 

Boost your local presence with a professional mailbox from Suite Possibilities. 

Notifications When Mail or Packages are Received 

When it comes to your business communications, waiting around for that one important piece of mail can be inefficient and distracting. 

Avoid checking your mailbox several times a day and allow our staff to notify you when you receive any mail or packages. Isn’t your time better spent taking care of essential tasks rather than waiting around for a delivery? We think so, too. Authorize Us to Open and/or Forward Your Mail to You When You are Away 

Whether you’re away on business or your small business’s physical location isn’t in the Kona area, you won’t have to worry about your mail sitting around unanswered. 

We offer a variety of customized services to those who may be away from their mailbox or those businesses that aren’t on island. These services include: 

● Preferential notifications 

● Weekly collection/pouch dispatching 

● Flagging of urgent mail for immediate attention 

● Accepting deliveries on your behalf 

● Opening and scanning your mail to you

Each of these services must be set up in advance and include express written authorization before being enacted. We never open your mail without your permission! 

Professional Mailboxes for Small Businesses with Suite Possibilities 

Here at Suite Possibilities, we provide small business owners and entrepreneurs with various business solutions that help you succeed. Our #1 goal is to support you in meeting and exceeding your business goals. 

Our business solutions include: 

● Office rentals across the Kailua-Kona area 

● Conference Room Rentals 

● Virtual Receptionist Services 

● Bookkeeping Services 

● Wellness Centers 

● Professional Mailboxes 

For our professional mailboxes for small business owners, we offer a few rental contract periods to choose from, including: 

● 3-Month Rental Period 

● 6-Month Rental Period 

● 12-Month Rental Period 

Need more information on our professional mailboxes and other services?